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Best Accounting Software in Bangladesh 2024

best accounting software in bangladesh

Knowing about the best accounting software in Bangladesh is key when running a successful business. 

Accounting software will automate and expedite many menial processes, such as payroll, inventory management, tracking, time tracking, transactions, calculating tax, invoices, etc.

Since it’s so important to have a good grip on accounting software in Bangladesh to automate your business process, this guide will help you.

Let’s take a look at the best accounting software in Bangladesh, and analyze them all.

Key Takeaways

This article will feature our picks for Bangladesh’s top 8 accounting software. Let’s take a look at what we’ll cover.

  • The key features of Bangladesh’s 8 accounting software.
  • The pros and cons of this software.
  • Price comparison among the software.

List of the Best Accounting Software in Bangladesh

Best Accounting Software in Bangladesh
S/NCompany NameKey Services
1.Financfy Best Accounting Software in Bangladesh
2.Tally Prime Best Business Management Software for Small Enterprises
3.Amar Solution Best for Expense Management
4.Troyee Best for Very Small Business
5.Roopokar Best Accounting Software for Larger Businesses
6.Sunshine ITAccounting Inventory Software for Small Business
7.Smart Account BD Best for General Spending Management
8.Hisab NikashBest for Small Businesses on a Tight Budget
9.mybooksBest for small business owner with a free plan
10.Techno360Best accounting software for financial reporting

Review of Top 8 Accounting Software in Bangladesh

We’re going to analyze the features, pros, cons, and price points of the top 8 best cloud accounting software in Bangladesh.


Financfy is widely considered to be the best accounting software in Bangladesh for its variety of features such as expense management, invoicing, Inventory management, bill payment, etc. It is a simple accounting software that has everything in one place.

Financfy, a cloud-based accounting software in Bangladesh, offers the advantage of remote access, collaboration, and real-time updates. Access the financial data from wherever you want.

It can help you manage your cash flows, monitor sales and inventory, and give you smart data and insights about your finances.

Key Features -

  • Cash Management: Monitoring cash receipts and cash expenses is a key player in keeping your business afloat.
  • Sales Management: You can use this feature to keep track of sales and stock levels, to manage operations.
  • Expense Management: It’s always important to know how much your company is spending on something, which is covered by expensive management.
  • Invoice Management: Generating invoices is a crucial part of the company, and being able to monitor invoice generation and management is an important task.
  • Inventory Management: This will allow you to monitor all your sales and inventory from one place.
✓ This software is cloud-based, enhancing security, scalability, and data storage.- One con is that the higher tier is needed to unlock specific benefits
✓ Simple Plan unlocks multiple features that are perfect for small businesses- There are certain features like the “extra warehouse” are only available at the highest tier
✓ This software is very affordable
✓ 30 days free trial offered by Financfy

Price Point

  • Most affordable tier:
    Simple Plan: 1000 BDT monthly
  • Most expensive tier:
    Advance Plus Plan: 6000 BDT monthly
  • Call: +8801329716161
  • Email:
Tally Prime

Tally Solutions is an India-based software company that provides services in Bangladesh as “Tally Prime,” and is used by many Bangladeshi small businesses.

Tally Prime has a multitude of international clients by offering top-notch accounting-related solutions. One of the key software they showcase is Tally Prime. This PC software comes in two versions and two different price points, silver and gold.

Key Features -

  • Invoice
  • Inventory Management
  • Payroll
  • Business Reports
  • Multiple Billing Formats
  • Multi-currency Support
  • Credit and Cashflow Management
✓ A free trial is available for you which you can try out before committing to the software- Tally Prime can be a bit expensive, the silver level costs 37,000 BDT and the gold level costs 120,000 BDT
✓ Tally Prime offers fantastic customer care service- The learning curve for Tally Prime is a bit higher compared to others
✓ Multi-currency support is available in Tally Prime, making it ideal for businesses that deal with multiple currencies

Troyee integrated multi-user software includes lots of beneficial features for your business.

A pioneer of accounting software in Bangladesh, Troyee Accounting Inventory Software now comes on the cloud, making it the perfect secure, sensible, and scalable option for your company.

Key Features -

  • Attendance leave and payroll
  • Bank Cheque book management
  • Sales Invoice Generation
  • Ledger
  • Daybook and cashbook
  • Interest Report
✓ Troyee offers training programs for people who are just beginning to use their software.- Instructions of what the software entails and can do are quite vague
✓ They have both an online and an offline version of the software- Price quotation of Troyee is only available through email
✓ The “accounts module” of the software has a wide variety of useful features for small businesses
Amar Solution

Amar Solution is one of the top accounting software in BD, as it boasts an array of useful features for accounting software.

From invoicing and expense tracking to financial reporting, it’s an all-in-one platform for many of your accounting-related issues! They also have free consultation services if you are ever in a pickle about accounting issues.

Key Features -

  • Expense management
  • Order summaries
  • Record Maintenance
  • Invoice Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Report Generation
✓ Amar solution is extremely customizable to fit your needs perfectly- No training is offered, which means the learning curve can be quite high sometimes
✓ They offer robust security measures to protect your data at all costs- Quotes are private, so your research may be difficult. You’ll need to directly contact them for quotes
✓ The user interface is easy to use, and user-friendly

Roopokar focuses on automating and making menial tasks more efficient. They focus on daily tasks like daily report generation, invoice management, financial reports, and bill payments of the company.

They also offer a mobile app that can help track your finances along with a desktop version of the software!

Key Features -

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Trial Balance Report
  • Daily and Monthly Expenses
  • Report Generation
  • Tag Entries
  • Financial Statement Generation
  • Ledger Statement
✓ This software has been hailed as the most easy to use- Even the most affordable tier of Roopokar costs around 40,000 BDT, which is quite expensive
✓ Mass data management is available in Roopokar, making it perfect for businesses- If you want to unlock the most benefits, you will need to use the highest tier
✓ It offers good security for your data
✓ It has both online and offline versions for your needs

Sunshine Solutions is an easy-to-use accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses.

It allows you to send bills, invoices, and quotations, while also having features such as sales report generation and payroll.

Key Features -

  • Sales Report Generation
  • Bill Payment
  • Payroll
  • Invoicing
✓ The dashboard is very easy to use, and it’s very user-friendly- There are no inventory assemblies in Sunshine
✓Sunshine has a free trial available for people who need it- New features are not included in maintenance after the product has been purchased
✓ This also offers easy integration with the rest of your software at your office
smart accounting bd

Smart Account BD is a cloud-based accounting software that has a wide array of useful features for small businesses.

They offer efficiency, scalability, and a team of experts who can help with all your accounts-related issues. It’s a multi-user finance software with a distinct array of features.

Key Features -

  • Inventory and sales production
  • Billing Management
  • General accounts management
  • General spending
  • Production cost calculation
✓ Smart account offers payment in installments, making it easier to purchase their product- Many different modules are available, and there are too many overlapping features
✓They have automated SMS and email send options, making communication easier
✓ They offer billing management, which is a useful additional feature to have for small companies
hishab nikash

Hisab-Nikash is a free accounting software in Bangladesh. Even though you can upgrade it to add extra features, there are multiple free versions of the accounting software which come with a wide array of basic features, enough to get your small business off the ground!

Key Features -

  • Invoicing
  • Stock management
  • Product purchases
  • Sales report
✓ Hisab Nikash allows multiple free versions of the software for your accounting needs- The free versions allow very limited access
✓This software is easily customizable, allowing you to create the software of your dreams- Payroll is not included in this software
✓ There are many different modules to choose from, making you have lots of options

mybooks is a cloud-based accounting software solution. This accounting software is also designed for small and midsize businesses. It is best for solo accountants, small business owners, small IT and financial companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

mybooks provides a comprehensive tracking interface that allows users to establish and track financial benchmarks. The software provides enterprise-grade data security for financial documents. The cost structure is based on the monthly count of active users and transaction volume.

Key Features -

  • Dashboard with analytics
  • Multiple business management
  • Supports multi-currency transactions
  • Inventory management
  • Sales & purchase tracking
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Multiple user access
  • Financial reporting
  • Taxation Management
✓Affordable & easy to use- Limited transactions for Basic & Standard plan
✓Multiple user access- Free plan does not have bank account integration
✓ Has a free plan
✓ Mobile app access to work on the go

Techno360 accounting software is appropriate for small, medium, and corporate business initiatives. This software offers high-quality accounting solutions. You can easily track financial reports, store summary, and latest order details from its dashboard.

Key Features -

  • Dashboard with lots of details
  • Purchase management
  • Customer management
  • Product management
  • Auto Tax/VAT calculation
  • HR management
  • Multiple user access system
  • Various financial reporting
✓Multiple users access- Pricing is higher than other software
✓Dashboard showcases various reports- Multiple user access is limited with the pricing plans
✓ Provides a variety of business reports

Accounting Software Price in Bangladesh: Comparison

Now that we’ve thoroughly analyzed our picks for the cloud accounting software in Bangladesh, let’s take a look at a comparison of their price points:

S/NSoftwarePrice RangeFree Trial
1.Financfy 1000-6000 BDT monthlyAvailable
2.Tally Prime 37000- 102000 BDT (One time purchase) Available
3.Amar Solution Contact: sales@amarsolution.comNot Available
4.Troyee Contact: info@troyee.comNot Available
5.Roopokar 40,000-120,000 BDT (One time purchase)Not Available
6.Sunshine ITBasic 45,000 BDTNot Available
7.Smart Account BD 1000-45,000 BDT (Depending on which software)Not Available
8.Hisab NikashUp to 20,000 BDTAvailable
9.mybooks109.99 BDT - 219.99 BDT (Monthly)Available
10.Techno360Small- 38000

Medium - 55000

Corporate - 150000
Not Available

What Factors to Consider When Select the Best Online Accounting Software in Bangladesh

There are many different cloud accounting software on the market, and you need to be able to pick one that’s the best suited for you.

That’s why we’ve broken down the steps that you should follow, and the factors you should consider when choosing the best accounting software in Bangladesh.

There are lots of benefits you will get from the correct accounting software. Generally, however, there are five things you should consider when looking into software.

1. Cost

This is one of the most important factors to consider especially if you are a growing business. Accounting software comes in all price points, however, most companies have a budget, especially, small businesses.

You need to make sure the software you are looking into falls into the budgetary constraints that you have. Don’t worry if you have a smaller budget, there are many software that have a free version, and most have different price points you can opt into as needed. There are lots of free accounting software in Bangladesh!

Something to keep in mind though, is that the cheapest possible option is not always the best possible option, so if something’s price looks too good to be true that’s a sign that you need to do more research on it!

2. Customer Support

Customer support is something that can make or break the experience of using accounting software. Cloud accounting software in Bangladesh are dime a dozen, but not all of them have excellent customer support.

When you’ve purchased software from a company, there may be some issues that you need assistance with. That’s why it’s important to make sure the company you are opting for has available customer support.

Many companies offer 24/7 online customer support and hotlines you can call for instant help. You should look into the vendor’s reputation regarding customer support. This way you can easily get scalable, error-free, efficient results!

3. User Friendliness

It can be an expensive and daunting task to set up training programs to teach all employees to use comprehensive, difficult software when you are a small business just starting.

It should have an intuitive user interface, a simple dashboard, and a simple navigation system that your employees can easily understand without you needing to invest in expensive training programs.

4. Scalability

Scalability is one of the crucial considerations a small, growing business in Bangladesh needs to make. Your business may be small right now, however, as it grows eventually, you will need to have software that will be able to keep up with the increasing demands of a growing business.

That’s why when purchasing software, or getting online accounting software in Bangladesh for free, scalability is one of the most important things to keep in mind.

5. Security

Security is a top priority for companies. You would want your data to be protected as best as possible, and your accounting software needs to be able to keep up with your security demands.

6. Integration options

The software should seamlessly integrate with other business management tools like CRM or inventory management systems.

7. Automation

If you have to do manual data entry then in the software then it’s not eligible. Look for an accounting software with features like automatic bank feeds and recurring invoices to save you time.

8. Customizable

Each business has its own unique needs. The software should be easily customizable according to business-specific needs.

9. Tax Compliance

Make sure that the software you choose helps you stay compliant with tax regulations. It should offer features such as automatic tax calculations, tax reporting, and support for multiple tax jurisdictions.

10. Mobile Access

The software should let you access your finances from anywhere and anytime. Look for software that offers mobile apps or a responsive web interface.

Choosing the Right Accounting Software in Bangladesh: Guide

1. Know your Needs

There are cloud-based accounting software that can help you track your inventory but have no payroll. Other software specialize in payroll.

You need to first understand what kind of accounting software specialization you need, or if you would prefer software that generally covers all bases

2. Work within your Budget

Most software has different payment tiers you can unlock with different benefits, so if you are using paid software, you should look at the software closest to your budget but also offers the features you’re looking for.

3. Research the Market

Researching is your friend. Many free guides online can help you understand your needs better.

So, you need more information on things to look out for before choosing the best accounting software.

4. Utilize Free Trials

One of the most important things to look into is free trials. Most software comes with a 30-day or a 7-day free trial period.

Before committing to a software full-time, you should take advantage of it to understand what accounting software does for your business.

5. Look at Testimonials

You should always look at customer testimonials of the software. Reliable software has good, authentic reviews from actual past users.

Explore the success stories shared by Bangladeshi business owners, highlighting how accounting software improves their productivity.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many different software on the market available for your small business in Bangladesh. You have to search properly and look through the harms and benefits of each, to discern which is the right fit for you.

If you are in a pickle and need more information on the aforementioned software, feel free to visit Financfy for more information.

FAQ of Accounting Software in Bangladesh

Financfy is mostly used accounting software in Bangladesh.

Accounting software can automate all your financial transactions and information and provide security.

When choosing the best accounting software in Bangladesh, look at your needs, and budget, and do some market research. 

Financfy and Tally Prime, Bangladeshi online accounting software, offer free plans. Also, they offer additional paid plans.

Users are encouraged to use the free version to find the solution that best suits their business needs.

Yes! Financfy is one of the most affordable accounting software in Bangladesh. There are many affordable accounting software in Bangladesh. 

Several examples of cloud-based accounting software include:

  1. Financfy
  2. Tally Prime
  3. Amar Solution
  4. Troyee
  5. Sunshine IT
  6. Smart Account BD, etc.

Yes, cloud-based accounting software is generally safe. Trusted providers use strong security measures like encryption and regular backups to protect your financial data.

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